Extremely Lucky Find

Extremely Lucky Find

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Welcome to Xtrem Luck. Short for, Extremely Lucky to Find this website prior to purchasing or obtaining any one of these products or services.

Fiverr Scam

Is Fiverr becoming a scam harbor for unethical sellers?  A Fiverr seller that went by the name FullTimeSEO is going to try and answer this question for us. FullTimeSEO has been a seller on Fiverr for the last 16 months.  I had the unfortunate luck of hiring him to provide what Fiverr calls a gig. Just another name for job, project, or a task.

Having been a member of Fiverr for well over a year. I’ve had some learning curves in the beginning on how to choose the right seller for the right gig I was trying to do. And I have always looked for honesty which is vital in a business transaction. Fiverr made it easy with their transcript that followed every order, step by step. There was never the ability of hiding the truth when it was all written down in plan sight for all to see. Or was it? Read what happens on a daily bases of how a scammer had complete support of Fiverr’s Customer Support and the damage caused by Fiverr’s managers lack of ability in understand how to read and follow a simple transcript. It’s almost comical.

Vodafone Scam
Vodafone is one of the major communication companies here in Berlin Germany. They have their hands in every aspect of the communication technology here. Our apartment utilizes their services for the phone, TV, and internet. The owner purchased a package deal from Vodafone some time back and is paying a premium compared to today’s market. Almost every contract a consumer signs here in Berlin is for a minimum of 2 years. Finding a internet company that will sell a service for less than 2 years narrows the field down to just one company, Deutsche Cable. And the fact that Deutsche Cable owns all of the internet wiring here in Berlin is that all other companies need to rent or lease the wiring lines to every household here in Berlin from Deutsche Cable. A down right monopoly of what all the Bell Phones in America used to be in control of. What that does for the internet consumer is either bad or worse depending on your cable provider.

And nothing could be worse than the Vodafone internet service I’ve been using. It’s 20 year old technology makes a phone modem look like a fiber optic connection. Read how Vodafone treats it’s paying customers for this privilege.

Craigslist Scam
Well, it’s that time again. Time to scout around and find another La’casa to hang my sombrero. Our term here is almost over and the owner wants to move back to Berlin from abroad. So, it’s time to search the internet and local papers. One of my favorite places to look is on Craigslist. That’s how I found this place and most people that use it here, speak English which is a big benefit. The weekends are the best times to look for the latest ad’s that have been placed. Knowing that, I started searching Craigslist on Thursday night. We want to stay in the same area, so filtering the list was pretty easy and quick. I found roughly 9 apartments in the area and wrote to them all requesting further information.
Some had photo’s, others didn’t. I didn’t matter because it would all get weeded out anyhow. What I didn’t expect was finding some very attractive apartments for what seemed below the market asking price. But as I said, I wrote to them all and will weed out the ones that don’t match our description.

TurboWeb2 Review
TurboWeb2 is a specialty software tool used by SEO companies and personals for submitting articles to Web2.0 websites. Right now it has approximately 85 Web2.0 websites you’re able to automatically submit articles to.

The 85 Web2.0 websites have a page ranking ranging from a 2 all the way up to some 9 page rankings. That is a nice rang of assorted websites to submit your articles or documents to.

To get an inside view of what it’s like using TurboWeb2 software, read the Post in this website where I’ve purchased the software and used it to back link my money sites. I go into details of how a typical user starts learning and understanding the software to where I submit to TurboWare’s Support ticket for help. You’ll see in depth the short comings this little software company faces and it’s greatest challenge to date. Go to TurboWeb2

Inmotion Hosting ReviewInmotion Hosting Scam

Inmotion Hosting Scam

Inmotion Hosting Scam is about the experience I went through that I felt needed to be shared. I am dedicating this Blog to my experience with Inmotion Hosting and calling it “Life With Inmotion Hosting”. I’m doing it mostly out of frustration at this time due to negligence from their Tech Support group. It centers around how Inmotion Hosting ( IH ) lost my website data last week and has basically ignored any type of technical support in regaining the original data. They have repeatedly messed up my two websites to were they had been off  line or out of service for I believe 18 or 19 days combined in just the last month! I will describe these instances with you in as much detail as possible including transcripts from their Tech Support Chat line to Tech Support emails I’ve sent and received from IH.

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